In this weekly series, we round up the headlines from the world of headphones and portable audio.


  • Japanese company Oriolus announce their flagship IEM, the Traillii JP. Named after the maroon oriole, it features a whopping 12 drivers per side including 4 latest-gen Sonion electrostatic drivers and 8 balanced armature drivers. Also whopping is the price: $6,000. Read more.
Oriolus Traillii flagship IEM
  • JH Audio announces the JIMI AION, a limited edition (200 units) IEM with their new upgraded universal fit housing. It's available now for $1,299.
  • Shozy releases the triple-driver (1x dynamic, 2x BA) Rouge. Priced at $168, it looks like a whole lotta bang for the buck. Read more.
Shozy Rouge
  • Xiaomi tweeted that they are launching the Mi True Wireless Earphones 2 Basic on July 15, which appears to have a smaller charging case (possibly among other minor changes).
  • Audeze has been teasing a new gaming headphone that should be unveiled on Wednesday.
  • OnePlus Buds will be the company's first true wireless earphones and should be fully unveiled at the OnePlus Nord phone launch on the 21st. Read more.
Leaked render of the OnePlus Buds
  • Japan-based K2Craft have a couple IEMs slated for release later this year, including this prototype which has a sapphire-looking gem embedded in the housing. Awesome.
K2Craft prototype IEM
  • Google's Pixel Buds 2 are now available in the UK. Read more.


  • Moving over to DACs/Amps, we have the new Aune S8. Powered by the ESS9038 Pro DAC chip, it is a flagship-level desktop DAC system priced at $998.99. Read more.
Aune S8 desktop DAC
  • Topping releases a new compact budget DAC. the D10s. It is the follow-up to the D10 utilizing a new chip, the ESS ES9038QM which is used in a dual configuration in the more expensive D50s. Priced at only $99 and available in black or white, it looks to be a great value. Read more.
Topping D10s DAC

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